Preparing a new season is like creating a business plan; it takes
meticulous thought and preparation. It means programming so
that the audience we are performing for is artistically and culturally
satisfied and yet within the organization, so that its members are
learning and developing.

The Georgetown Bach Chorale, like many other musical
organizations, tries to reinvent the wheel through traditional
means, with each season offering a fresh twist on the repertoire
that we present. Our following has begun to take for granted some
things that are not really ‘every day’ occurrences, like seeing two
harpsichords on a stage and hearing performances on Baroque
instruments. You are privileged to witness world-class musicians
play in your own back yard in intimate settings that might make
you feel like you are in an upscale mansion in Manhattan or an
historic cathedral from 400 years ago, and as an organization the
Georgetown Bach Chorale loves to present them!

Since its inception 15 years ago, The GBC has honed and developed
choral performances through familiar bonbons that everyone knows
and loves as well as expanding the ears and minds of its listeners.
Sometimes it is a risk to take on more esoteric works, but for us it is
well worth the struggle to get there.

This coming year I look forward to another exciting year of musicmaking, together with the support of you our local concert goers and from music lovers further afield. Come to hear, see and feel music made at its highest level.

Ron Greidanus

The Georgetown Bach Chorale gratefully acknowledges the following organizations for their assistance:
Foodstuffs, Pat’s Prime Cuts and Deli, The Holland Shop and
Studio Fourteen Design Communications