Since its inception in 1999 the Georgetown Bach Chorale has provided Georgetown and surrounding area with an impressive series of classical concerts, often involving world renowned artists. Now entering its 13th season the Georgetown Bach Chorale offers audiences a unique programme of choral, orchestral, chamber and solo performances, often numbering 15 per year.

The choir, comprised of 1 auditioned members, focuses on music of the Baroque and Classical periods but sometimes branches out to more obscure works and composers such as Max Reger and Alphonse Diepenbruck.   Performances are historically accurate. Utilizing period instruments, gut strings, attention to pitch and temperment, musical phrasing, pure choral sound and ornamentation, the Georgetown Bach Chorale creates extraordinary precision performances.

The choir meets weekly at the home of its music director Ron Greidanus. And in keeping with Baroque tradition, the ensemble is positioned in a circular fashion, led by their director from the harpsichord. Rehearsals are not only about correct notes. Much time and energy is directed toward refinement of musical line, tuning and diction.