Handel’s Messiah: The Most Exciting Performance Ever
” … I heard a performance of Handel’s Messiah last weekend that was by far the most exciting I have ever heard. … the interpretations of tempos and styles were terrific, and the performance was technically among the best I have ever heard. [much quicker tempos for some sections, and much more staccato than many people would expect, but all well-researched by the conductor]

The conductor/harpsichordist is Ron Greidanus. He was raised just north of Clinton and despite his late start in music, he developed a terrific reputation for his knowledge and talent.
The “orchestra” for this performance of Messiah is 2 violins, a viola, a cello, a bass, a baroque (valveless) trumpet which was played extremely well, and tympani (in addition to Ron on the harpsichord).
Most of the time during the performance, I was smiling and saying (to myself, I hope) “Yes!” “

John Palmer – former conductor of the Blyth Festival Orchestra

“It was amazing to hear the ‘chamber’ version (of the Messiah)… everyone there was just having a good time hearing all the marvelous music going on around them. It sure gave John and I a new outlook on the stuffy performances that we have endured in the past! I came because it was (Ron) performing and I knew it wouldn’t be bad, but little did I know what a huge effect it would have. And John came (because) I asked him to…with reservations. So you’ve won over the two of us… I’ll never be able to sit through a BIG performance of it again, now that I know how good it can be! Congratulations!”